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Duality Series - Francesca Tan, Real Estate Power Broker and Top Social Media Model

Written by Ian Low
14 March 2017 

Looking at Francesca Tan for the first time, you would be hard pressed to think that this stunning looking Singapore lass was once thinking of becoming a forensic pathologist. Nor would you be able to guess that her childhood ambition was to be a pilot either.

Those somewhat unorthodox career goals could be put down to her excessive reading during her formulative years, and that was then.

Today, she is widely recognised on the social media rounds as one of the most sought after fashion models. She has also been labeled "goddess" by her legion of loyal fans.

It is common for her to receive flattering comments on a daily basis, anything from her gorgeous poses to her choice of outfits. Yet, not many know that currently, she is also a rising star in the world of real estate and property.

Realising very early on that being a top social media influencer is not a sustainable career move, Francesca decided to take the plunge into the property world and underwent all the necessary obstacles to obtain a license to practice in this field.

Currently, she is with PropNex, a top real estate agency in Singapore. Her daily activities include galloping all over the island to attend to her clients in acquiring the dream house. Conversely, she is equally adept in assisting home owners in selling their flats and homes at the best prices.

To her, being a property agent is more than just a job. It is the joy and satisfaction she can channel into her clients when they are able to buy a home of their dreams that means so much more.

What started out as an experimental career move has become her full time occupation today, and jumping into the unknown has challenged her like never before. It has pushed her to the limits, and seemingly, she has come out stronger and made her grow as a person.

Indeed, she has come very far in the last couple of years. And light years from when she first started to dip her slender toes into the world of blogshops and social media.

With her head turning looks, she had little trouble becoming a favourite among local blogshops, and within a short amount of time, she had quickly amassed a huge amount of followers. and all are organic as she painstakingly points out.

And just as soon as her following grew to one of the largest in the community, commercial engagements came calling and she realised that social media modelling can generate real revenue.

Nowadays, she juggles her time between her real estate work and social media modelling as she enjoys both aspects of her career. The flexibility accorded to her is something that she cherishes, and both of her passions allow her to meet people from all walks of life.

As a fashionista, she easily cites her favourite American influencers as her main inspirations. But truly, she herself has become a role model for the local fashion and lifestyle scene. Her eye for beauty, elegance and class is almost uncanny, and the ease in which she carries her style is effortless.

Yet, when asked where does she see herself further down the road, her answer is a simple one. Beyond the glamour of the fashion scene, and the bustling property market, Francesca is ultimately a girl at heart.

She longs to be happily married with her soulmate, with a dog by her side and a house of her own. This dream may sound modest by her standards, but then, for someone with such a high profile, she has her pretty head very much on her slender shoulders.

And that is perhaps the message she wants to propagate to her loyal fans. She is all about being real, and fully understands that to be successful is about old fashioned hard work.

It is also extremely heartening to know that in this current society of falsehoods and fakery, there is still one key influencer leader that is not only genuine, but also down to earth and accessible.

Yes, she may be a "goddess" to those who know her from a distance. But Francesca Tan is much more, and more importantly, a true beauty of a gem in the social media world.

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