Monday, May 7, 2012

Reasons For Choosing An iPhone

One of the questions I get asked most, is which mobile phone should I get when my contract is up? And being an Apple fanboy, it is hard not to say the iPhone.

But, let's be objective about this, and seeing how Samsung just released its latest Galaxy phone, to pick out specific reasons for choosing an iPhone as your next smartphone.

Reason Number One: The Ease and Familiarity of iOS

Yes, Android has indeed come up with a lot of additional and even superior features of Android OS, especially on the latest iteration of Ice Cream Sandwich. But the thing bout iPhones and iPads is how familiar you are once you have used one of those devices, or one their previous operating systems.

Finding apps, getting on wi-fi, taking pictures are like second nature to almost every iPhone user today. With the impending iOS 6 on the horizon, one can assume that there will be new great features to be incorporated, but not at the expense of your familiarity with the existing iOS.

Reason Number Two: It's Still the Best Looking Phone

Some of you may disagree, and indeed, Samsung has even made slimmer phones, but the truth is, no one can still beat Jony Ive for the current design of iPhone 4S. The design is coming to 2 years old, and yet, it still looks sleek and timeless.

The latest Galaxy phone, in comparison, looks plasticky and nowhere as classy nor as elegant. The designs of iPhone 4 and 4S have the looks of a classic Leica camera, and is reminiscent of the classic German industrial design that still lingers on today.

Reason Number Three: The EcoSystem

Apple's AppStore is second to none. The amount of apps, the ease of purchase, the fantastic developer support, the link to iTunes store with its rich collection of movies and music.

The integration with iCloud across all your iOS devices is also the best in the field. Everything works, simple and effective. Migration to a new generation of an iOS device is now totally wireless as well, and it will be a few years before Android can have the same level of breath and class in this area.

Reason Number Four: Resale Value

One of the best reasons of sticking with an iPhone is the resale value of your existing phone once a new generation of an iPhone comes out. That resale value is quite high, as compared to other phones.

Apple has made it such that they will almost release a new iPhone every year, and despite the emergence of a new model, there is still a great demand for previous generations of the iPhone, especially the one before.

I always advise people to get the latest iPhone once it is out so that when the new model comes out the following year, they will be eligible for an upgrade, and sell away the previous model at the time of the release of the new phone for a tidy sum.

Reason Number Five: Non-Fragmentation

This is something that escapes a lot of people for some reason. Apple has one standard iOS across its touch devices, and despite the difference in screen resolution between the iPad and the iPhone, the features and functionality are still the same.

For Android and Windows Phones, there are differences between different manufacturers that will necessitate fragmentation on that specific operating system. Different screen resolutions, different key configurations etc.

Fragmentation will only increase over time, as there are too many versions of Android OS now on the market, whereas Apple has clearly focused on one single iOS that it recommends and pushes at any given time.

As with all phone purchasing decisions, it all boils down to choice for the individual when it comes to buying a new phone. There will always be naysayers against all things Apple, and they may have their valid points.

But, at the end of the day, once you make a purchase, you will enjoy the phone for all its strengths and try to suppress the flaws. I hope before you make that choice, you think about some of the criteria I have listed here before you make that next mobile purchase.

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